So today has been pretty shit, both worldwide and locally. Worldwide, well you can look at any of the good news sources for that. Locally, I’ve had a rough time with my panic attacks. I was going to do something today on panic attacks but I’m going to save that for another day cause I wan– no, I need to talk about chaos, and by extension Chaos Magick.

Chaos and Order

Chaos and Order are two sides of the same coin, you can not have one without the other and vice versa. The more control you have in your life, the less you really control, and to eliminate chaos is to eliminate that which makes life worth living. It’s kind of like trying to hold rushing water in your hands, the harder you try to grasp it the more slips away. So instead of grasping it, we redirect it…

Chaos Magick

Chaos Magick is kind of a misnomer, its not really magic; its more subconsciously hacking yourself and others.  My particular specialty of chaos magick is Sigils: symbols that are filled with a particular idea or intent. To make a sigil is to make a symbol that means something to you, and to release that idea or intent into the world. To make a sigil is pretty easy…


Sigils are made in a variety of ways, my personal way of doing it could be different from yours, and yours could be different from someone else’s. As with so many things, there is no wrong way to do it. The following steps are my method, but feel free to change them if things feel wrong or off; connection to the sigil is very important.

  1. Create a very specific phrase tackling whatever problem you want to deal with.
  2. Write down your phrase in whatever art making method you feel comfortable.
  3. Remove the vowels and double consonants from the phrase.
  4. Break down the remaining letters into lines and other simple shapes.
  5. Here’s where it gets tricky; there are many different ways to assemble the sigil. I generally prefer to make symmetrical sigils, though sometimes it doesn’t feel right and I’ll make something different. For the purposes of this tutorial we’ll be using a symmetrical sigil. So, assemble the lines and shapes in whatever way feels right to you, and then duplicate the symbol you’ve made on one of the sides of the shape, creating your full symbol.
  6. (Optional) Enclose the symbol in a shape of your choosing: Shield, circle, star, square, etc.

And that’s it, you’ve made a sigil! But that is only half the battle. For it to actually affect the world around you, you’ll need to charge the sigil. Charging is done in a variety of ways, so we won’t get into that with too much detail but the basics are Elemental Destruction and Permanence. Elemental Destruction is simple, recreate the sigil using one of the four elements, then destroy it using another of the four.  Drawing it in sand and then washing it away, burning away alcohol, etc. All fine ways of charging a sigil. The other and much more reliable method (for me at least) is to give it Permanence, to make a sticker or drawing of the sigil and to charge it daily with your energy. To charge a Permanent sigil you just look at or touch the sigil and focus your energy and intent into it.

So yeah, that’s how to make sigils. The reason I’ve been thinking about this so much today is because my most popular sigil is about defending others against evil (Found Here), which is so very relevant on days like today. I wish I could do more to help people, but honestly I have to focus on myself more than I’d like at this point in my life. I’m still getting healthy, mentally and physically, so I can’t do any more than simple things like this. In the end; every little bit helps, so I’ll sleep easy knowing I’ve done something.


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