Numenera 2: An Eye Upon Ellomyr

So a kickstarter for the sequel to one of my favorite games is out, by the company that gave me my first chance at writing tabletop material: Numenera 2 by Monte Cook Games. As part of the campaign, they have asked for stories and art based on the defense of the Town of Ellomyr. Using one of the first things I created for Numenera, I’ve written the first of many stories I’ll be writing during this kickstarter. Enjoy!


Arasam climbed the cliff with an unnatural lack of grace. As an Eye, his vision was significantly better then the average man at a distance, but this gift was problematic when working up close. The Hive rarely needed him to work near things though, and he preferred it that way; give him an impossible shot over menial labor any day. But today was not any day, no, today was special… and not in a good way. Something had his masters afraid, an emotion he thought unavailable to something so powerful. And whatever had them afraid was only hearsay at this point… So his handler had sent him and the rest of his cell to see it themselves. With one final leap up the cliff, Arasam verified their fears: another force in The Ninth World was gathering abhumans, and based on the massive hordes he had seen they did not do so for peaceful reasons. He turned his gaze west of the horde, hoping not to find anything in its path. His hopes were for naught, as he found a small village in the distance. As he prepared to head back home to report his findings, a voice flooded his mind, a thunderous and slimy voice.

“Town-Ellomyr. Population-Medium. Mutation-Low. Go-You. Train-Mutate. Defend-Help.”

When he woke up, it was dark out. Night? No, he wasn’t unconscious that long. Storm clouds were above him, blotting out the sun. He shook the cobwebs from his brain and reflected upon what just happened… That wasn’t an average Mouth that had spoken to him; that was The Hive itself. Only twice before had he heard of them speaking directly to people and the last time almost led to a war. Arasam felt what little hair he had left stand on end and his carapace began chittering as he shook, not from the cold but from a terror he hadn’t felt since he was a soldier; a fear of death. There was a storm coming for Ellomyr, in more ways than one.

When he returned to the camp, he found a much larger cell then what he had left behind. A number of singular agents had been called by their mouths to this location, thought they knew not why. Ar explained the situation to them as best he could, and he could see in their eyes the same fear that gripped him. They were worried, but these weren’t newbie Bodies, these were hardened members. Three Eyes, Four Claws, an Ear, and amazingly a Tentacle. They were few compared to the hordes he saw but with a Tentacle to mutate some volunteers from the village and the Claws to train the rest, they might stand a chance, assuming the villagers don’t kill them on sight…

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