Numenera 2: A Song of Hope

As I was reading the Comments of the Numenera 2 Kickstarter I felt inspired to make some characters. As I made these characters I noticed a common theme, and one thing lead to another and here we are, another story about Ellomyr.

Our story begins in the back room of a club. Our heroes, for lack of a better word, are:

Rosharon, a Mystical Nano who Entertains

Navien, a Charming Glaive who Dances on The Wind

Kayanna, a Stealthy Jack who Focuses Mind over Matter

Together they form The Vibrant Vellen; a techno-classical band. Nav sang vocals and danced, Rosh did stage effects and sang backup, and Kay played all the instruments. Alone they were talented but together they were magnificent. After a particularly intense show the trio were headed back to their room at the local inn when it hit them; for Nav it was a screeching sound in the distance, Kay felt a vibration in her bones from the very core of the world, and Rosh saw lights on the horizon. Something or someone was calling to them. Wordlessly they headed back to their room and began packing their things. This wasn’t the first time their talents had led them somewhere, but it was the first time it was such a powerful calling. Kay was the first to break the silence.

“Are we sure its a good thing that leads us on these journeys? Last time we almost died…”

“Last time we waited too long” Replied Rosharon. “If we had left as soon as we got the call, we would’ve missed those bandits by a day and a half.”

Navien was still shaken, but managed to find the words. “He’s right. If we leave now we should be fine.”

While Nav and Kay loaded up the floating disc they called a cart, Rosh ran around town cancelling the various gigs they had lined up, citing a family emergency as their reason for leaving. Telling them that some unknown force was calling them away would have been more honest, but less helpful. By the time he had finished, the cart and beasts were ready to go, and they were on their way.

Many months and several mind melting “calls” later, they arrived at their destination: The Village of Ellomyr and The Trilling Shard. The trio each felt connected to the shard in some way: be it the song it sang, the vibration it did it with, or the location it was in. As they began unloading their cart, they were approached by quite the extraordinary man (or was he a machine?).

“You come to help with the defenses?” The Metal Man said, his voice gruff and mechanical.

They stared at him cluelessly for a moment, then Rosh spoke what they all were thinking: “Defenses? Defenses against what?”

“Oh saivanackle!” He exclaimed. “You ladies are just travelers? Well you picked a hell of a time to visit Ellomyr… There’s a horde of abhumans about two months travel from here, and they’re headed this way.”

The trio looked at each other for a moment, exchanging wordless discourse that only could be achieved by friends as old as they were. Then, Navien spoke: “Well I guess we ARE here to help with the defenses. Where do you need us?”

The man was startled for a moment, though it was hard to tell with half a face of metal. Then he pointed to a hut. “If you’re helping you can stay there, the previous owners vacated the area after the second wave of scouts reported in. As for what you can do to help: the boss-man is named Gurner, he’s the elder around these parts. He’ll send you to where you can do the most good.” And with that, the metal man returned to gathering weapons.

The Trio moved into the hut as quickly as they could and spent the rest of the day running around town helping whomever needed it the most, but the real help they provided was that night…

As the cold and fear began to set in among those gathered in Ellomyr, they saw the true faces of these people; though they put up a strong front most didn’t think they’d make it through the coming battle. With this realization the trio knew why they had been called here. They gathered their gear from the hut and set themselves up on a makeshift stage in front of The Trilling Shard. Before anyone could question what they were doing they began to play. It was an old song to The Vibrant Vellen, one of the first they learned; a song about family and home. The music was loud, but not in an abrasive way. It reached from the shard to the edge of the village, and as they heard it the people of Ellomyr began to head toward the makeshift stage and gather around. One or two at a time, they had led the entire village and its guests to the shard. As the tempo increased and the pitch raised, something magical happened: The Trilling Shard itself joined in on the song. As the song reached its peak, something awoke deep within the villagers and their guests, something they dared not feel before then. As the emotions welled up inside them, many began to join in on the song. Together they made something that hadn’t been heard in those lands in a very long time; Together they made…

A Song of Hope.

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