Numenera 2: Shadowjack and The Redstalk


Siremull, a Powerful Jack who Explores Dark Places

Mull was deep in thought as he wandered through the trees. He was halfway between Ellomyr and Santre… Either would be a good place to make some coin: exploring the ruins around Santre would probably be safer then helping the defense of Ellomyr though. But then again, those Ellomyr folks are pretty desperate for help so they might pay better. In the end, he turned towards Ellomyr: better pay would always win out in Siremull’s head. As he crested the hill in front of him, he noticed two very odd things: an unnatural set of storm clouds (even for the ninth world) and a large red vegetable stalk of some kind (Bean maybe?).

As Mull approached the redstalk, he noticed something in the clouds above. A ship of some kind? The redstalk seemed to be attached to it, working as an anchor of some kind he thought. Never one to pass up an opportunity to explore something strange and dangerous Mull began climbing the redstalk. As he did, the stalk began to detach from the ground and slowly return to the clouds above. He thanked his good graces for climbing on when he did and hoped that the owners of the cloudship weren’t very observant.

Once he reached the clouds Mull jumped off the stalk and onto the ship itself. A few minutes later and he managed to jimmy open an exhaust port of some kind. What he found inside was… different. The inside of the ship was designed for beings larger than himself, MUCH larger. There wasn’t much in the way of hiding spots in the long tall hallways, so Mull moved as quickly as he could to avoid detection. As he rounded one of the many corners he noticed movement in the distance, and he instinctively slid underneath one of the nearby doors. He ran for the opposite side of the new room, hoping to put as much distance between him and the large creature as he could. He climbed onto what appeared to be a desk and he found himself in front of something about the same shape and size as a swan, except much more angular. He examined the bird-box as best he could and found a series of buttons and levers on its underside. A few moments of fiddling later and he found that box was capable of dispensing a variety of minerals, including some very valuable ones. Whether it was carrying or creating the minerals, Mull didn’t care; he just saw his biggest score in years. He put the birdbox into his bag and prepared to climb back down to the floor. As he did, he accidentally activated one of the viewscreens on the desk, and what he saw shocked him to his very core. The screen held images of Ellomyr, and of traders that had left the city and been captured by this ship. The gruesome videos and images that followed were more than Mull could handle, and he vomited. After a few moments he gathered his composure and looked away from the screen, quickly heading towards the exit to get out of this hell-ship. His escape was uneventful, he hadn’t seemed to have triggered any alarms or anything, and by the time he reached the redstalk it was attached to the world below again.

Siremull kissed the ground when he reached it, thankful to not have been found by those giant monsters. He made sure the Bird-box was still intact, and began heading in the opposite direction of the cloudship’s path. A better man would’ve headed to Ellomyr and warned them of what he saw, but Mull was not that kind of man. No, he was headed as far away from Ellomyr as his newfound wealth would take him, though with a look back towards the redstalk he wished them luck on the days ahead. They’d need it.

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