Numenera 2: What We Fight For

My process for writing the majority of these stories is to roll up a character using the Numenera books I have available and the stories just kinda flow from there. If you haven’t tried this method I highly suggest it, as the system just begs for stories to be told with it. Now, lets move right into the next story, shall we?

Nuz, a Learned Nano who Fights with Panache

Firhad, a Rugged Jack who Crafts Unique Objects

Nuz grew up in schools. Fir grew up in trees. Nuz knew how to read books. Fir knew how to read the world. Nuz channeled power through his hands. Fir channeled power into his devices. Nuz fought with style. Fir fought with purpose. Nuz loved Fir. Fir Loved Nuz. An unlikely pair, these men were new to adventuring, and to each other. They had only met recently, but the connection was immediate and impossibly powerful. Together they had decided to do something forbidden. You see, there was no interaction between hillfolk and cityfolk, not since the war… So they left. Everything they knew and owned, save for that which they wore on their backs, was left behind. They did this for each other. They did this for love.

Nuz was flipping over the head of one of the latest Margr they had encountered as Fir completed the device. His movements graceful, yet powerful; Fir could watch him all day… But there was time for that later. “Eyes front, lover” He shouted over the crash of shield and sword. Nuz looked towards him, just in time to catch the device. “Much thanks my dear, this should wrap things up quickly.” and with the style he was known for, he began flipping and bouncing between the enemies surrounding them, each time planting a small wire from the device. As the last wire was placed, Fir prepared the ancient shield bubble they had found earlier and Nuz tossed the box into the air. As the bubble began to envelope them Nuz flipped a shin towards the device. The flying bit of metal landed in exactly the right spot, completing the circuit and activating the device just as the bubble finished surrounding them. A spark was sent from the box along each of the wires in the blink of an eye and suddenly the Margr surrounding them began to explode, one by one, from nano bombs that had filled their bodies via the wires. The two men were surrounded in light and explosions, death and beauty. The men kissed: deeply, passionately. This is what they lived for.

By the time the bubble had collapsed, they were about ready to do the same. But there was time enough for sleep later, the people of Ellomyr needed them. The scouting parties of Margr were getting better equipped and were encountered more frequently. As they reported in they were told what they already knew in their chest: the time many feared was coming. But as Nuz and Firhad returned to their home in the growing village, there was no hint of fear in their eyes. No, they knew they’d make it out of this alive… And each day more people felt like they did; they realized they had stayed or came for a reason, for someone or something. They all had a reason to fight, and if the Margr wanted to stand a chance in hell of winning this fight they had better hope their reason for fighting was stronger than love.

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