Numenera 2: Men, Mutants, and Misfortune

Previous stories involving these characters:


Five people made up the expeditionary force led by Arasam. Five souls entrusted to find devices to help with the defense of Ellomyr. While they had gained an ally in the form of Ryte (better known as The Bolt), only Ar and Red Shell remained of the original force. Purple Fist had fallen to the blue mists, while Julian and Rovena had failed the riddle door. Though he had only known them a short time he felt they all had true potential, so losing them was quite a blow to his cell… But there was time to worry about that later; for now he had to worry about the demonic being that was chasing them through this maze. If they could just find their way back to the entrance The Bolt was certain he could reverse the relocation device that had brought them here from The Valley of Sins. Red argued that they couldn’t leave until they had found something to help them with the upcoming fight against the abhuman horde, but Ar was a gambler and he knew a losing hand when he held one. He preferred the chance to fight another day than death in this hell-hole. He followed Bolt around the corner and prayed that he knew what he was talking about.

The Bolt had no idea what he was doing. As they rounded the corner, the laughter of the demons echoing behind them, Ryte reflected on how he had ended up here. After his skirmish with the abhumans, Ryte found himself still alive. While wandering and trying to decide what to do with his renewed lease on life he had found the corpse of a poor man who had fallen. Apparently he had been trying to carry some sort of bird-box up a cliff side and slipped and fell to his death. With what little respect for the fool he could manage, he had buried him and then started out towards Ellomyr with the bird-box in hand. As he thought about who would be willing to buy his newfound bird-box and which bar he would spend the money in he came across a group of mutants running from The Valley of Sins. They had set out in search of supplies but they had lost almost half their number along the way. Once they had rested for a moment, they were to return into the valley and they asked The Bolt for his assistance, if he would give it. He had found their perseverance admirable so Ryte joined them. That was his first mistake. His second mistake was activating the relocation device spit out by the Riddle Door. It had claimed there were treasures within, but stars above if he ever saw that door again he would blast it into a million pieces… As he imagined the door exploding underneath a lightning strike Ar’s shouts dragged Ryte’s thoughts back to the present, and after a moment he realized what was going on; The entrance was up ahead. He flashed ahead of the group to prepare the device, and he managed to get it up and working again just as the demons reached them. With a mind melting slam the whole group, demons included, found themselves back in The Valley of Sins. Whatever the demons were they didn’t like the sunlight, and began screeching and melting upon contact with it. After a few moments, they were naught but a memory.

Ar was relived: they were safe, finally… Or at least, that’s what he thought until the lightning struck the wall not nine feet from him. Apparently The Bolt was still upset with The Riddle Door, so he had decided to destroy it. As the dust cleared Red began whooping and cheering; the hole made by The Bolt had revealed a compartment with a dozen or more Numenera of varying sizes, some damaged by the lightning but most unscratched. When the door had spoken of treasure within, it didn’t mean the maze, it meant itself! The past few days had been a shit-show, so hopefully these devices were worth it.

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