Numenera 2: Battle Report

Hive Cell E1:

The Hive members worked side by side for months with the Ellomyrans but they were still not part of them. Those from the village that had volunteered for mutation were met with disgust and suspicion, basically exiled from the village. They did not care though, they were willing to make any sacrifice to protect Ellomyr. In the end they made the ultimate sacrifice… As the vanguard was being routed they were ordered to retreat. A full retreat would have been suicide, so Hive Cell E1 disobeyed orders and remained to cover the others escape. The remaining members of the vanguard managed to escape but Hive Cell E1 met it’s end that day. They were posthumously honored as heroes with a small monument made for them near their camp outside the village.

The Bolt:

The Bolt was a capable fighter so he would’ve preferred to be on the front lines of the battle, but that was not where he was needed. In order to keep the front united he was used as a messenger and medic, using his fantastical control over lightning to transport himself across the battlefield with relative ease. He was integral in pushing back the Margr, despite not killing a single one. He was offered many a drink the night after the battle, and he accepted them all.

Nuz, Firhad, and Gurner:

Nuz and Firhad stood guard throughout the night despite the lack of Margr within the town’s core. Eventually they were faced with an enemy, a Patchwork beast who screamed about the sins of the past and Ellomyr’s downfall. Though they weren’t near 100% they managed to drive off the Patchman. When asked, Gurner explained that the head of the Patchman was an old friend, one of the founders of the village, but he failed to explain what it was screaming about and omitted the evil deeds that led to his return… By the time the battle was over the Patchman was long gone, and as to spare Sara and her family the pain of knowing the monster Kyle became the three of them agreed not to speak of what they had seen. Gurner was glad they wouldn’t talk about what happened, but he was also worried: Patchman was still out there somewhere…

The Vibrant Vellen:

The Vibrant Vellen claims they left the village to help bring back the others who had left. Whether these claims are true is unknown, what is known is that they returned alongside the others and were powerful allies during the fight. After the battle, they did their best to keep spirits up, even leading the village in a hymn for the lost. They stayed in Ellomyr for a number of months before another calling was felt and they left for their new destination.

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